Ima was born in Ukehe, Nigeria, West Africa. At a young age Ima knew that he wanted to be a painter. Ima was very motivated, so he decided to proceed.

ima amu

He went to the University of Benim, Benim-city, Nigeria, where he studied art history and painting techniques. Ima was one of the best in his class.

After he graduated in 1994, he worked until 1998 as curator / manager in the Didi Museum in Lagos, Nigeria. During this period he also had a contract with several banks and companies, where he kept the art on the wall.

Until now, Ima had many expositions throughout Nigeria. As a curator and artist, he has won many awards in Nigeria.

The paintings tell about life in Africa. Behind every picture is a story. It is a reflection of life in Africa. Ima tries to show what is going on in the continent. Women are the symbol to express this situation, because women carry the heaviest load.